Book an appointment

Consult a clinician online or in person.

We’re here to help and can offer the same level of service and consultation online, over the phone or in person at one of our three locations. There are certain diagnostic hearing tests that may need to be done in clinic, but the first step is to book an appointment.

Your hearing clinician can:

    • Answer questions about your hearing and discuss your concerns
    • Determine if you need a diagnostic hearing test
    • Help match the right hearing aid to your lifestyle and budget
    • Show you how to use the programming software
    • Review and fine-tune your hearing aid settings


Keeping you safe in-clinic

We’re doing everything we can to keep you and our team members safe from Covid-19. This includes disinfecting test rooms and equipment after each client we see, following government guidelines, and using protective masks.

That said, we understand if you don’t want to come into a clinic right now. You can book an online video consultation instead, for clinic-quality care at home.

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