Hearing Loss Research

What do I do if I think I have hearing loss?

Reading this is a great start. Because, once you think you have hearing loss, the first step to managing it, is accepting it. For too many people this can take years before they finally acknowledge hearing loss. Years of missing out on the simple joy of clear conversations and sounds.

The quickest way to know if you have hearing loss is to do the test. If you’re researching for a loved one, encourage them to do it. This will help you gauge whether there is a hearing loss, and at what level. From there it’s a simple path to improved hearing.

I want to help someone who’s having problems with hearing

Is this something that they have addressed or is it something others have noticed?

Hearing loss can creep up on you slowly, often someone with hearing loss does not even notice the change in their hearing and they blame external factors (you speak too fast, you mumble, your accent is too strong). It can be hard to talk to someone about a problem that they are not aware that they have.

Address your concerns with them and the impact that their hearing loss is having. Try to encourage them to have a hearing test to investigate what’s going on.

That’s your number one priority…. get them to test their hearing!

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