Do I need hearing aids?

Why are hearing aids so important?

Your brain is like a muscle, which can be exercised by sound. Research shows that the area of the brain dedicated to hearing is reassigned in the early stages of hearing loss; untreated hearing loss can lead to a decline in brain functioning. High quality hearing aids are designed to provide the stimulation needed to reawaken these pathways.

Hearing aids let you hear the things you need to

As certain types of sounds become harder for us to hear; simply making these sounds louder is not enough to help us interpret them. The biggest challenge is not so much hearing sounds, but being able to make sense of what you’re hearing, especially if it carries meaning, such as speech.

Hearing aids don’t just make everything louder, instead they are designed to try to amplify the important things we want to hear (like a conversation with a friend) more than they amplify the things we don’t need to hear (such as ambient noise).

Will hearing aids help me?

Yes. In most cases hearing aids will be right for you. Then it depends on which hearing aid will suit you best. Because most people lose their hearing gradually over time, we usually take a gradual approach with the settings, otherwise it might feel like too much too soon -which can make you hesitant to stick with them.

Imagine you’ve been sitting in a dark room for 10 years and then you get to light a candle. At first the candle will seem as bright as the sun and you won’t be able to look at it. As your eyes adjust, you’ll soon need something brighter. The adjustment process is easy, in fact with the hearing aids we recommend, you can adjust them yourself.

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