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Our remote telehealth (tele-audiologist) team are here to support you with all of your hearing needs – you can book a consultation anytime.

Of course, we also offer the full range of in-clinic diagnostic hearing assessments, hearing aid programming and hearing aid reviews. 

And we’re standing by with the latest suction technology for quick removal of that pesky ear wax build up…

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Diagnostic hearing assessment

We run comprehensive diagnostic tests to find out why you’re having trouble hearing, and you receive a full written report. We recommend having this assessment every two years.

You may have completed the Speech Perception Test and want a more in-depth hearing assessment. A diagnostic hearing assessment includes a traditional hearing test using pure tones and words, middle-ear function testing, and an Australian Speech in Noise test (SPIN™). We also offer tinnitus (ringing or buzzing) counselling and advice.

Cost: $180.00
Estimate Time: 60min

Children’s hearing assessment

We offer full audiological testing for children aged 4 and above. Appointments involve traditional hearing tests with pure or warble tones, middle-ear function testing, and speech testing.

Cost: $180.00
Estimate Time: 60min

Pre-employment hearing assessment 

We inspect your ears and have you take a pure-tone threshold test and any other tests required for your employer. This creates an effective baseline for identifying future hearing changes.

Cost: $90.00
Estimate Time: 30min

Hearing aid programming
and fine-tuning 

We set up your hearing aids based on your test results and listening comfort preferences. We can show you how to customise your settings yourself and teach you how to look after your hearing aids.  

Cost: Free
Estimate Time: 60min

Hearing aid review 

We offer free review consultations for the entire warranty period of hearing aids purchased from us. During reviews, we make any necessary adjustments to your settings to make sure you’re getting the best out of your investment. 

Reviews and fine-tuning can be conducted in clinic or over video consultation. 

We recommend taking our online hearing test prior to your appointment, so you can spend more time talking to your clinician.  

Cost: Free*
Review consultations are free within the device warranty period
Estimate Time: 30min

*Once your 3-year warranty period expires, we charge $60 for this service.

Wax Removal

We use the latest suction technology to clear ears of wax build-up that can interfere with hearing and hearing aid function. 

Cost: $90.00 for both ears
Estimate Time: 30 min

Cleaning and Maintenance

For the most part, maintaining your hearing aids is pretty straight forward.

The provided instructions should tell you what you need to know, however, if you do wish to go over something in more detail, please contact our teleaudiology team. No question is too small.

Custom hearing protection 

Customised hearing protection is more effective than off-the-shelf hearing protection. 

  • Cost: $200.00 per pair

Noise-protection plugs reduce the level of damaging decibels. 

  • Cost: $280.00 per pair

Swimmers plugs protect your ears from infection. 

  • Cost: $280.00 per pair

Musicians plugs retain the detail and character of sound while making it safer. 

  • Cost: $280.00 per pair

Motorbike plugs reduce engine and wind noise and are shaped to fit comfortably while wearing a helmet. 

  • Cost: $280.00 per pair

At your appointment, a certified technician makes impressions of your ear from a quick-drying modelling material, and we send it to our partner lab for manufacture.

We post your plugs to you when they’re ready. 

Video consultations 

For your convenience, you can chat face to face with a clinician over the internet. It’s like having an audiologist in your living room. All you need is a webcam and a strong internet connection. We’ll walk you through the rest. 

All non-diagnostic services are available via video consultation, including hearing counselling, hearing aid maintenance and cleaning demonstrations, visual fitting check, setting reviews, and tinnitus consultation. 

Estimate Time: 30 min


If you are concerned that your hearing aid may need a repair, please contact us before sending it in.

Our telehealth team will help to asses your hearing aids remotely and give you the details required to safely send your hearing aids in.

Fill in the appointment booking form or call us to learn more.  

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