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Connect Hearing & Blamey Saunders hears bring you your one stop shop for the best hearing aids and accessories at affordable prices.

Take control of your hearing journey

Blamey Saunders hears and Connect Hearing – both part of the Sonova Group – have recently joined forces to provide accessible hearing care to people across Australia!

We’re committed to providing the best quality hearing care and support in the most accessible ways possible, that’s why this new partnership means more accessibility, more convenience and more flexibility.

Not only can you continue accessing products over the phone or in person, at one of our 100+ clinics across Australia; you can now access them online (right here!), in your time, wherever you are and have them delivered direct to your door. Now that’s convenient!

Because your hearing is our only priority.

Hearing aid prices are for online sale and remote-fit via telehealth only. This range has been specially curated to accommodate customers who can be fit remotely via our teleaudiology team and do not require a face-to-face, in-clinic appointment. To view our full range of hearing aids and prices as fitted in clinic, please click here.

Buying with Confidence

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