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Audeara TV Bundle


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Audeara A-01 headphones measure your hearing to tailor the sound perfectly for you.

With active noise cancelling, Bluetooth connectivity and up to 65 hours battery life, the Audeara A-01 headphones give you everything a headphone should – plus more. Audeara’s innovative technology tests your hearing and personalises your favourite music for you, enhancing your experience through clarity, not volume.

Together with the BT-01 Transceiver, you can listen to your TV or stereo through your headphones.

Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle
Audeara TV Bundle


A-01 headphones

The Audeara A-01’s are a premium set of noise cancelling, Bluetooth® headphones designed to enhance music, communication and entertainment while minimising unwanted noise.

The headphones have revolutionalised the listening experience by tailoring personalised sound based on the results of Audeara’s app-based hearing check. Audeara’s unique technology emphasises better, not louder sound. This means a safer, hi-fidelity listening experience.

The headphones are built from durable, high quality materials and boast a best in class battery life of 35+ hours.

BT-01 Transceiver

The transceiver is a sleek and compact Bluetooth audio transmitter that streams audio wirelessly from your TV or stereo.

The transceiver allows you to connect up to two pairs of Bluetooth headphones, which means two people can listen at the same time. The transceiver can also act as a receiver, streaming high quality audio from any speaker system, including a smartphone.


  • Personalised sound Personalise your headphones and track your hearing over time
  • Wireless Seamless connection to any existing Bluetooth device
  • Active Noise Cancellation Reduce background noise
  • Wireless inbuilt microphone Perfect sound in and out
  • Phone calls and video chat Answer calls or connect to video chat on your headphones
  • Extra-long battery life 35+ hours with Bluetooth and noise cancellation
  • Portable travel companion Swivel ear cups and a durable travel case
  • Peace of mind 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and 60 day return period

We asked Sam, our Clinical Excellence Manager, to review the Audeara A-01 headphones. Take a listen to what he has to say below.

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