Blamey Saunders - Maestro Hearing Aid Package


Budget-friendly and reliable.

Hear more of what you want to hear and less of what you don’t.

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Blamey Saunders - Maestro Hearing Aid Package
Blamey Saunders - Maestro Hearing Aid Package
Blamey Saunders - Maestro Hearing Aid Package


Our new Maestro hearing aid tucks powerful sound processing technology into a discreet little package. It’s well-equipped to handle the listening situations you encounter daily, and adjusts to your environment to meet your specific needs.

The low price is just the cherry on top.

With Maestro, you can expect a more effortless listening experience.

That means:

  • Better comprehension, less confusion.
  • More clarity, less straining.
  • Maintained listening comfort in noise and in quiet.

Convenient real-time setting control

Make adjustments to your settings from your smartphone, tablet or Windows computer with our IHearYou® programming app. And when you need assistance, our remote support team can make on-the-spot tweaks for you over the phone or internet.

Environmental noise management

Recognises and reduces constant noises around you, like the buzz of traffic or a crowded room, so you can more easily identify and understand speech.

Wind noise management

Helps you carry a conversation in windy environments, and reduces wind noise when you’re out walking or riding a bike.

Impulse noise suppression

Minimises sudden loud sounds, like a door slamming or cutlery rattling, so that speech understanding and listening comfort are maintained.

Voice prompts

Notifies you when your battery is running low and confirms program changes with a verbal cue through the hearing aid.

Microphone configuration

Improves identification of background noise, to help you better separate speech from noisy environments.

Hearing aid prices are for a full system with everything you need including accessories.

If you are buying online we have free shipping for all hearing aids within Australia and you receive follow up support via video or phone consultation as well as remote fine tuning of your hearing aids from our teleaudiology team.



Experience 32-channels of superior sound, automatic adaptive directional microphones to help you hear in noisy environments, and the five core technologies that make our hearing aids so good and so popular.


Our hearing aid packages come with our IHearYou® programming system. The system allows you to adjust your own hearing aid settings on your Windows computer, Android, and iOS devices. It connects you with our team of hearing experts who can help you optimise your hearing aid settings within the comfort of your own home.



    • Size: 23 × 10 × 6 mm
    • Colours: Beige or grey
    • Battery life: 7–10 days
    • Battery size: 312
    • Volume control: Rocker switch



  • You are never on your own, ongoing support so you get the best results
  • Video consultation sessions available
  • 3-year warranty on the hearing aids
  • Enjoy risk-free returns. 
    Read our Policy.

Is this Maestro hearing aid right for you?

Find out by taking our free online hearing test. Or, email your hearing report (audiogram) to and we’ll let you know if you’re suitable.

What's included


An Incus Bluetooth programmer, which allows you to fine-tune your hearing aids.


Two double-cards of batteries (24 in total), which should last you about 4 months.

Ear Tips (variety pack)

Ear tips (variety pack with all sizes), which go on the end of the hearing aid tubes so the tubes sit comfortably and securely in your ear.

Cleaning tools

Cleaning tools as well as clear and simple instructions for wearing your hearing aids, and how to clean and maintain them.

Carry case

A stylish, protective carry case for your hearing aids.

Drying Jar

A drying jar to store and protect your hearing aids when you are not using them.

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