Phonak Marvel M30 Hearing Aid Package


Phonak’s Marvel M30-13T shines in one-on-one listening environments. It focuses on speech understanding and listening comfort so you can focus on the conversation.


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Marvel receives audio from your smartphone so you can have hands-free phone calls. Your hands are free to garden or do the housework while you carry on a call. And it connects to a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled devices for streaming. Rediscover the joy of listening to music and audio books in stereo quality.

All Marvel hearing aids are compatible with Phonak’s smartphone apps. The handy Call-to-Text app transcribes audio from a phone call so you can read along on your screen.


Connect to public loop systems

The telecoil in your Marvel M-30 hearing aids receives audio delivered over public loop systems. In cinemas. Places of worship. At airports. On trains. That means you can hear the message as if as if it’s being spoken right into your ears.

Pair with Phonak Accessories

Pair Marvel with Phonak accessories, like the Roger Pen, for an extra boost in noisy and distance-listening situations.

And settle disputes over TV volume with Phonak’s TV Connector. It streams Dolby Stereo sound quality to your Marvels while letting you hear ambient sound.


  • Fine-tuning channels: 8
  • Size: 29 × 11.9 × 8.1 mm
  • Colours: Sand beige, Graphite grey
  • Battery type: 13
  • Volume control: rocker switch or app

Set up and support


With Blamey Saunders Hears, you can have your Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids set up and programmed without visiting a clinic.

Download the MyPhonak app and create an account to:

  • personalise your hearing experience yourself, or
  • video-call your clinician for instant fine-tuning and support.


  • We provide ongoing support using telehealth technology
  • Receive free clinic reviews for life of warranty
  • This hearing aid has a 3-year warranty
  • Enjoy risk-free returns. Read our Policy.


What's included?


We give you 2 cards of batteries (12 in total). Marvel will play two beeps when a battery is running low.

Maintenance tools

You receive instructions, a brush, a cloth, CeruShield wax guards, and a pin tool for attaching the hearing aid speaker..

Ear Tips (variety pack)

These go on the end of hearing aid tubes so that the speaker sits comfortably in your ear.

Drying jar

Pop your hearing aids in this jar overnight to absorb the day’s moisture buildup.

Telecoil tool

Small magnet included to activate hearing aid telecoil (t-coil) for better hearing on landline phones.
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