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Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort


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Phonak Serenity Choice™ is the high-end hearing protection solution from Phonak. It cancels noise and loud sounds, lets the ear breathe and keeps relevant sound and speech.

Serenity Choice™ Comfort
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce background noise
Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort
Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort
Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort
Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort
Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort


Whether you’re programming, designing or typing a letter, there are times when the constant noise in an open office environment becomes too much to bear. The low frequency noise from air conditioning and computer fans impairs cognitive performance; the addition of intrusive speech and telephones’ ringing can further reduce your concentration.

Serenity Choice™ Comfort universal fit hearing protection is developed to reduce all these sounds to an acceptable level. Conversations fade into the background and telephone ringing as well as noise from airplanes, trains, etc. becomes less intrusive. However you can hear conversations if you choose to, so you’ll never feel isolated or occluded.

Serenity Choice™ Comfort is a discrete noise reduction ear plug designed to be worn all day without causing irritation. While other office hearing protection can sound muffled and unnatural, office filters provide full frequency sound reduction. The advanced technology membrane filter design keeps an open air passage to the ear, minimising the occlusion effect while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

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