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Online Hearing Test

Well done, you’ve taken the positive step of checking your hearing.
You’ll get instant and accurate results in this scientifically
proven online hearing test. 

Please note: The Speech Perception Test shows you what you can and can’t hear, and it doesn’t tell you the cause of your hearing loss. It is not a substitute for medical advice.

How it works

Developed in Australia, our test offers 50 randomised, phonetically balanced words for you to hear. Your answers tell us how well you hear specific words. One of the most common reasons people decide to check their hearing, is because they’re mishearing words, so, we use words.

Three simple steps for the test

1. Sound check

Pick a quiet environment. When you start, we’ll prompt you to check your computer speakers or headphone volume.

2. Take the test

The test will play a series of 50 spoken English words, one at a time. Simply type in what you hear.

3. Contact details

Leave your name and email address so we can send your report, and a phone number to call you so we can discuss your results.


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