Raising hearing awareness to a new level

Almost 4 Million Australians have some form of hearing loss. In fact, it’s more common than heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Hearing Awareness Week and World Hearing Day shines a light on the importance of hearing care for everyone. Whether that’s preventing hearing damage from occurring or providing effective solutions for anyone suffering a hearing loss.

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Our mission is that every Australian should have easy access to the best audiological care and hearing aids, so they can manage their hearing health on their terms. And we’re committed to that every week of the year.

If you or someone you know is worried about hearing loss, we encourage you to talk to a member our team or simply take the online hearing test now. You’ll get instant and accurate results in this scientifically proven online hearing test.

Hearing Awareness Week – March 1 -7

This year’s theme is “Don’t let hearing loss limit you” and highlights how timely and effective interventions can help people with hearing loss reach their full potential. The week forms part of the Australian Government mission to reduce hearing loss and the consequences of hearing loss in Australia

World Hearing Day – March 3

The theme of World Hearing Day is ‘Hearing Care for ALL Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate.’ It presents a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases through timely action and effective interventions and encourages people at risk to test their hearing regularly.

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